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Ryan is five months old today. I can't believe it. Also, his second tooth has cut through. One of the girls from mothers group noticed it yesterday. No wonder he was so grumpy the other night and his sleep has been all over the place again.

We went to the health nurse for his check up today. He's going well. His weight gain wasn't very much though. Probably due to him having the runs after his vaccinations. Anyway this is where he's at:

Length = between percentile 5 and 10
Weight = below percentile 5
Head Circumference = between percentile 50 and 75

The nurse didn't seem too concerned with his weight.

His head had a massive growth in the past month. :)

Anyway, for the girls on my list whose babies are starting to wake up during the night after sleeping through, I read something interesting:

5 months old developmentCollapse )

The fact that it's normal makes me feel better. I just have to ride through it.

The weather is shithouse today. 38c/100f. How anyone can enjoy scorching heat where you can't do anything is beyond me. :) Looks like it's going to be crap for the next 6 days too.

Oh! I met my friend Mandy for lunch today. She went to Dreamworld on the Goldcoast and bought back some presents for Ryan. A massive dolphin (which is bigger than Ryan) and two little outfits. This one is my absolute favourite!!!!

It says Baby of Steel on the sleeve. :)

Now Ryan has three superman outfits. :)

We had the 4 monthly check up today and the nurse was very happy. He'd only gained 490 grams/1.1 pounds in one month though. He weighs 5.8kgs/12lbs7oz. She said she isn't concerned because he's very alert, reaching all his milestones and generally a very contented baby. She suggested maybe I could try sneaking in an extra feed. How? Ryan sleeps straight through from 10pm-6am. I feed him 3 hourly from 6am, which means he gets 6 feeds per day. Should I wake him before I go to bed around midnight and feed him?

Just FYI, I am exclusively breastfeeding.

Go baby go!

Last week I found out that my baby was in OP position and I got lots of nice reassuring advice from the ladies in this community. I did what the midwife told me to do, which was to avoid sitting in a leaned-back position, to walk a lot, and to hang my belly over the ground whenever possible. She said swimming was great, but I didn't get a chance: mostly I just hung out on my hands and knees on the birth ball a bit, sat like a sumo wrestler with my belly hanging out in front of me and hoped he'd move. I didn't think it would work because he's big and packed in there- I'm 39 weeks now. But it did! Baby has his back to my belly now and he's rolled his butt out of OP position! Hooray! Thought I'd share since there are a few more of us freaking out about that now.

Pregnancy Teas

Has anyone drank any of those organic pregnancy teas? I have heard that Rasberrry leaf is good for strengthening the uterus. The tea my husband bought for me has that in it, plus strawberry leaf, nettle leaf, spearmint, fennel fruit, rose hips, alfalfa leaf, and lemon verbena leaf. On babycenter.com it mentions that some of these herbs could cause uterine stimulation and a miscarriage. But my due date is in exactly 1 week. So if it starts up labor it shouldn't be a problem, right? I will, of course, ask my midwife about the tea and get her OK to proceed....but I was just wondering if any of you ladies have an opinon or experience with the tea as well.



Water broke this morning at 11. I'm still at home waiting for contractions to start up! I guess I'll be having a September baby too :)

35 weeks!

35 week belly bump picCollapse )

Do you beautiful girls think I have dropped??



38 weeks

I had a very discouraging appt yesterday. I had my first exam and I am 0 cm dialated. I was praying for at least some progress. Before I was even off the table my OB was pushing me to schedule a c-section. She said she just doesn't think it's going to happen for me. Her recommendation is 40 weeks. I told her there was no way I was even considering anything before 41. I had 41 with Kyla...and all of my tests have been great. I told her I'd do daily NST's if that's what it takes but I refuse to get up on the table.

So after many tears and a ton of supportive advice I am more empowered then ever to have the birth the way that I want...the way our bodies are created. I need to stand up for the VBACing woman otherwise the options will be taken away. If everyone agrees to an elective repeat C why would they offer anything else.

I had a hot bath last night, gave in to DH and DTD, and had a long walk this morning. When I got home....I lost my mucous plug I never lost it with Kyla so finally I can say that I've gotten further in this pregnancy then I did before. Finally I can stop being discouraged and feeling like things were going to happen the same way.

Please send me some labour vibes so that I can get this started and avoid all these discouraging discussions with my OB! I feel awesome...I feel like I could be pregnant forever...unfortunately I'm on a timetable here.
Hi girls, sorry if this is a really stupid question but how do the doctors/midwives check how dilated you are?

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Anyone else experience hip pain when you're in bed? It doesn't matter if I sleep on my left or right side, I get woken up with painful hips. They hurt so much. :(